In this business, many people preach investment locations, negative or positive gearing, or some amazing type of property but don’t have skin in the game.

You wouldn’t ask your plumber for a haircut, so why would you ask your friends and family about property investment advice if they have yet to invest in property themselves?

How can you possibly know what a great investment looks like if you haven’t invested yourself and don’t understand the ups and downs associated with the property investment journey?



In 2017, and in a VLOG just a few weeks ago, Nyko discussed why we have been recommending Geelong as one of our main destinations of interest for investors with a budget of under $500,000.

Well just this week, I have exchanged on a house and land package for $489,000 in Geelong and two of my close friends have done the same.

This is not to say that Geelong is the only destination people should buy in, quite the contrary. It all depends on a number of factors including your other asset holdings, capacity to borrow, retirement goals and much more.

But having skin in the game and backing your beliefs goes a long way to giving clients the comfort and confidence they need to take action today.

If you are in the market for an investment property, let your Relationship Manager know. At Nyko, we do whatever we can to assist our partners invest in Nyko approved projects as we know that they are the ones most engaged with our process.

Once you go through the process yourself, you will also have a greater appreciation of what your clients will be experiencing. Assisting your clients in their property investment journey should bring both you and your clients peace of mind and greater clarity, whilst build trust and strengthen your relationship.

Get in touch with your Relationship Manager today to learn more about our Nyko approved projects and how you too can get skin in the game.


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