Property investment is an area of advice that is seriously lacking in Australia. Investors are making decisions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars using the same principles they adopted when purchasing their home.

And it shows in the figures, only 22% of property investors in Australia own more than one property. That tells us that something is going seriously wrong in the advice process.

There is a better way.

At Nyko Property we believe that every property investor should engage their primary adviser in financial services – be it their accountant, financial adviser or mortgage broker, before they consider which property to purchase.

How can an estate agent possibly know which property would be suitable for the investor without understanding their goals, aspirations, risk appetite, investor profile, borrowing capacity and more. This is a job for a quality finance professional not a real estate agent.

That is why 100% of Nyko Property’s clients are introduced from finance professionals all across Australia, entrusting us to then match the specific requirements of their clients with high quality and extensively researched property.

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