Nyko Property work with an array of Australian developers to efficiently market their projects. Our exclusive ‘off market’ approach and ability to help realise necessary pre-sale requirements in a timely fashion makes us an attractive partner.

Nyko Property are routinely involved early in the life of a project, creating momentum to help get it ‘off and running’. These critical early stages are when our business partners typically have the most interest in onselling the development. Our developer partners are free to select a retail estate agency to complete the marketing of the project close to completion date. Many developers are so happy with our results that this second stage is never enacted – Nyko Property go on to complete the marketing of the project.

The key to Nyko Property’s success is our access to a diverse and successful array of trusted business partners who work both locally and overseas – their range of influence when marketing your project is impressive. Having successfully collaborated with our selling partners for many years, Nyko Property swiftly identify whether a project is appealing to these businesses and then move quickly through pre-sale requirements.

Nyko Property’s Mission Statement

Nyko Property build lifelong, mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with all their business partners and vendors.

Nyko Property’s Vision Statement

Nyko Property seek to become the leading research advisory for Australian property investors, and the premier supplier of  ‘off market’ property to financial service firms and investment property advisors.